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Licensure Regulations for Mathematics Specialists

The Virginia Department of Education licensure endorsement for Mathematics Specialists for elementary and middle education were approved by the Governor in September and are now in effect. The specific regulations are:

8VAC20-22-610. Mathematics specialist for elementary and middle education.
Endorsement requirements. The candidate must have:

  1. Completed at least three years of successful classroom teaching experience in which the teaching of mathematics was an important responsibility; and

  2. Graduated from an approved mathematics specialist preparation program (master’s level); or completed a master’s level program in mathematics, mathematics education, or related education field with 30 semester hours of graduate coursework in the competencies listed below, including at least 21 hours of coursework in undergraduate or graduate-level mathematics.

Regulations were obtained from the Virginia Department of Education at the following link: (page 60-62)

The process of verifying "Approved Programs" will be starting soon. Meanwhile, the office of Dr. Jim Lanham, Director of Office of Licensure, will evaluate individual submissions for this licensure endorsement on a case by case basis based on the above adopted regulations. Requests for consideration for this endorsement should be submitted through your school system consistent with the process for obtaining licensure, licensure renewal, other endorsements, etc. If you experience any problems, Dr. Lanham will personally review and address them. Once there are "Approved Programs" for preparing Mathematics Specialists, completing such a program will bea criteria for licensure endorsement.